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What You Need to Know About Graves Disease
Graves disease is a form of illness that is very common to women who are below forty years of age and it is viewed to be an autoimmune disorder. This disease affects your body by stimulating the thyroid gland to produce a lot of thyroid hormones in the body. Note that graves disease is one of the most common types of hyperthyroidism because there are so many individuals out there who are battling it. You should understand that in graves of disease the immune system of those who are suffering from it produce immunoglobulins which are thyroid stimulating antibodies. Note that after the production of these antibodies then they attach themselves to thyroid cells which are considered to be healthy causing them to create too many hormones. You should know that those hormones that are released into your body are known to cause a lot of effects in it. Some of the key areas that may be affected by these hormones may include brain development, body temperature, nervous system function and so many other areas. It is of great importance for this form of disease to be treated immediately because failure to do that may result in severe effects which may be difficult to treat. Those people who might have left the disease untreated may experience things such as weight loss, depression , mental and physical fatigue and also emotional liability such as uncontrollable crying or laughing.

Some of those symptoms that may prove to you that you are suffering from the grave disease may include hand tremors, rapid heart rate, goiter, intolerance to heat, muscle weakness, diarrhea and so many others. There are other patients who have thickened and reddened skin that surrounds their shin area when they are suffering from the disease. It is good for people to take a step of visiting a doctor when they confirm all these symptoms so that they can get good medication. People should know that graves disease is viewed to be autoimmune disorder because it makes the immune system of people to start fighting against healthy cells and tissues in the body. Note that the antibodies which are produced by the body of the sick person are used in fighting the foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria in the body. It is good for people to know who is at the high risk of getting this disease so that they can take all the safety measures to protect themselves. Some of those factors that may greatly affect the riskiness of developing graves disease may include things such as gender, age , stress and also heredity. Women are most likely to suffer from this disease more than men especially those who are below forty years. Note that those people who are from a family with a member who had suffered from the disease may be in a higher risk of getting the disease. Also, those individuals who are struggling with another autoimmune disease may be at a risk of battling graves disease.

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